SMART Board Training for Schools

smart-technologies-logo-e1332173871603It is believed the SMART Board and the iPAD can serve as a motivational tool for learning and can also serve to address the varied student learning styles within the classroom.  Marzano, Frontier and Livingstone in Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching (2011) stress the need for teachers to plan for the use of both traditional materials and available technologies that enhance the student’s understanding of the content.

  • Over the past two years, YTC FNSSP purchased SMART Boards and iPADS (class sets for grades 3 and 6) for all five schools. For a technology to be effectively used in the school, all staff should be trained in their usage. To this end plans have been made to in-service more teachers on the use of SMART Boards and the grade 3 and 6 teachers on the use of iPADS.
  • Purchase of an additional five SMART Boards.
  • School will be asked to collect data on the effectiveness of technology in the classroom.
  • Purchase technician services to make the necessary repairs and adjustments to school SMART Boards and iPADS.

Results Achieved

  1. Participant evaluations of the SMART Board and iPAD in-services indicate staff are finding the sessions highly informative and staff are excited about using them for classroom instruction.
  2. School administrators indicate SMART Boards are highly used in the classrooms.
  3. Other classroom teachers (besides grade 3 and 6) are asking for iPADS for their classroom.
  4. The grade 3 and 6 teachers in four of the five schools have been in-serviced on the use of iPADs.
  5. The majority of staff in the four out of five schools that participate in the SMART Board in-services have been in-serviced on the use of the SMART board.

YTC FNSSP continues to provide professional development in classroom technology- we have procured the services of a technology consultant to: 1) in-service teachers on the effective use of iPADS, and 2) SMART Boards. To date the YTC FNSSP technology consultant has provided one round of iPAD in-servicing to grades 3 and 6 teachers in the southern schools and one round to the same group in the northern schools.

SMART Board Training is scheduled to take place for Alexis School on April 4, 2014 and will continue to be scheduled as schools are available.

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