Summary Report by Tracey Poitras-Collins, Project Manager


The results of our student, parent, and teacher surveys are providing us with some data to show that we are making a positive difference in their schools.

In phase one, we met with schools to learn about their education needs that the First Nation Student Success Program could address. Having completed the schools success plans, we learned that long-term data on student achievement, attendance and completion rates were needed to continue to guide us in our planning efforts,

We continue to meet with each of the five schools to maintain their three year school success plans.

The five schools are all using the Fountas and Pinnell assessment and intervention programs for the k-9 to address reading and comprehension. In year three of phase one, we have introduced writing and balanced literacy. We have established literacy baseline using the Fountas and Pinnell benchmark program and the provincial achievement tests. We have used the YTC math assessment program to identify learning gaps in mathematics and have revealed huge gaps that must be addressed. We are focusing on mathematics and student retention for the second phase of this project.

We have partnered with the Canadian Education Association’s endeavors to address student retention to begin identifying best practices. We have developed a student leadership program where high school students are encouraged to plan and deliver a youth conference that is only for our participating schools.

School administrators, teachers and teacher assistants are able to meet on a regular basis and support each other.

The college has always had an Elder’s Advisory Council that include knowledge keepers to guide the decision making here at the college.

Parents/guardians and community members have provided input into this proposal through the hosting of community meetings and completion of school surveys. We held meetings in each of the schools that have been involved and plan to host evening sessions with community Elders.

Our February Newsletter 2014 has highlights from each respective school. Download newsletter here: 

We will continue to keep our communities informed and engaged. Hiy hiy!



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